Internal or External Large Posters

Waterproof Posters
Waterproof Posters

Internal or External Large Posters

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Large format high quality posters printed on 200 mic anti glare crystal waterproof material. Suitable for shop windows, pavement signs, A-Boards, framing or just general promotional use in walls. The posters come with grey backs to prevent show through. Printed in high quality with certified inks from HP. We use original inks and calibrate our machines to produce accurate colour reproductions. We print on site everyday and can often turn posters around within hours. The posters can be framed, stuck on walls with Velcro, be applied to windows with eyelets and suckers or go in A-frames/Pavement signs. They are suitable for internal or external use. 

  • Long Lasting

  • Anti-Glare

  • Waterproof

  • Scratch Proof

  • External or internal

  • Fitting kits for windows or walls

  • Sizes from A3 upto A0+

  • Window FITTING comes with 4 eyelets and 4 suckers

  • Velcro FITTING comes with 4-6 velcro dots male and female to reverse of poster suitable for walls

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Looking for Posters for an Event, Sale or even to frame? We offer a selection of materials to suit most budgets. Fast turnaround and collect free from us to save on postage. Our posters are printed on a HP Latex offering scratch resistance and waterproof when selecting the PVC option. We do not use solvent inks. Our machines are calibrated to produce accurate colour reproductions of RGB, CMYK and Pantone colours.

Please supply print ready PDF artwork with crop marks and 3mm bleed.