15 helpful facts when supplying artwork for print

Designing for print

  • Always decide on the print specification before the design process. This ensures your designer can follow the recommended allowances to achieve the highest quality print.

  • Get organised! Set a timeline back from the delivery date so everyone is aware.

  • Avoid costly mistakes, be thorough when proof-reading your files. Top tip read your content backwards, your more likely to spot errors as the text won’t flow.

  • Less is more, trust the designer.

  • Know your sizes, A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1 A0 are commonly used.

  • Test your marketing material with short run digital.

  • Ask the printer if you changed your spec, how could you save money.

  • Keep text out of the quiet zone (5mm from the edge of a page).

  • Limit ink volume on coated to 300% and 220% on uncoated (% is the total value in the CMYK colour).

  • Convert your images to CMYK apart from large format.

  • Complex designs using transparencies, layers, spot colours, and mixtures of RGB/CMYK are best supplied as JPEGs in 300DPI.

  • Export PDF’s using the preset PDF/X-1a:2001.

  • The most commonly used profile is Fogra39.

  • When printing on uncoated/recycled material, your colours will lose about 30% vibrancy and look slightly more grainy. Adjust your files accordingly.

  • Large format files can be supplied @ 10%, 25% or 50% of the size. The min resolution is 100dpi for very large items. If supplying artwork for wallpaper, we would recommend the min would be 10% size @ 1000dpi.


Remember, at DPI, our aim is to produce the best print possible that truly stands out from your competitors. We have built our reputation on our personal service and high-quality results. Talk to us about your budget and the purpose of the printed item you require, so we can ensure your business benefits by selecting the correct product.

We are here if you are in any doubt or have any questions, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you.  Alternatively, email your artwork through and tell us in the email what you are unsure about and we will check it and advise you. 
We have the knowledge, experience and expertise and are happy to help