Colour variation on different materials.

Why does my print look different on some materials?


Digital comes in 2 forms of ink, Indigo which is liquid and dry toner. Dry toner ink sits on the top of a sheet and will be consistent to all materials. Indigo uses special materials that are coated this also helps keep the colours consistent. 

Lithographic uses oil based inks which absorb into the materials the less coated the more absorbing the material creating a duller result. An uncoated material takes longer for the ink to dry so the volume of ink is limited on this to 220% whereas silk or gloss is 300%. As the volume of ink is less, the colour on an uncoated material will appear much lighter and slightly dull. 

There will always be a variation in colour from machine to machine. We colour match our print to limit this as much as possible and advise when the differences are too wide apart. Alterations to artwork would be recccomended to hide this.