Finding the right freelance designer to design your next printing project

Client's budget for print can be varied depending on their needs.  At DPI we will always have suggestions on how we can make this go further, by applying the correct amount in the relevant places. By briefing us a little about your company, we can make sure that your brand is maintained at the highest level. 

When producing marketing material, it's important to consider the impression it gives from the moment the client receives it and then work back. An all ‘singing and dancing’ brochure arriving in a cheap envelope accompanied by a poorly designed letter, defeats the entire process. You do not need to be a marketing guru to work out how to make an impact. We strongly believe if you get the design right from the beginning,  the print can be the simplest part. 

Over the years, DPI have worked alongside some of the most highly rated designers in Bournemouth. These designers work closely with us and have an understanding of what is achievable in print. All the Bournemouth designers we can recommend are freelancers and are available for you to use, either directly or through us.